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Welcome to The Designer Twins & Friends! We are identical twins Sandie Burchell and Sue Douglas, born 2 months premature.  Sue is the eldest by 10 minutes.  It was a bit of a shock for Mum, as she didn't know she was having twins,until Sue was born and the doctors told her there was another one on the way!  Please see the photo of us below, at nine months old (Sandie is on the left and Sue is on the right).  We are very close and even though Sandie is now living in the US in Nevada and Sue still lives in the UK in Leicestershire, where we were brought up with two younger sisters, we still speak to each other most nights on Skype!  We both became 'born again' Christians in June 1992, Sandie became a Christian first, and Sue committed her life to Jesus just two weeks later.

We have been designing digital download paper crafting products, that you print, for many years but we have been selling our designs on the internet for the last 7 years. We have lots of designs that you won't see for sale anywhere else, so please have a good look around!  We do hope you enjoy crafting with our products!

Our website is a safe place to shop. Everyone of our downloads is virus checked for your safety.  All of our website pages are protected with SSL.  All of our card making downloads can be used to make finished cards, which you are allowed to sell. We do not allow illegal graphics to be used in our downloads, for example, Disney, Batman, Superman, Betty Boop etc and other well know graphics that are not allowed to be used without paying thousands of dollars in licenses and could get our customers into trouble if they are caught selling the finished cards.  We care about and value our customers and we want to keep you as safe as possible.

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